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Do you find WiMAX intimidating? What’s WiMAX anyway? Let us debunk the myth for you and unveil the endless possibilities of using WiMAX!

What is WiMAX?
WiMAX is an acronym for Worldwide Interoperability of Microwave Access.

Simply put, WiMAX is a wireless digital communication system which is intended for “metropolitan area networks”.

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P1 4G Tower
This is the signal tower that provides coverage to a broad area. Yup, this is pretty much what beams the WiMAX signal.
P1 4G Modem
The modem is no stranger to most of us. It’s hooked up to our computers and does the necessary for us to receive WiMAX signals from the base station.
Making the Connection
Our Transmitting Base Station connects directly to the P1 Internet Backbone and then transmits the signal to a wide area. The modem gets the WiMAX signal from the base station and connects users within that area seamlessly to P1 4G.
WiMAX compared to current Internet connections