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Benefits of choosing P1
Fast 4G speed

P1’s full range of broadband solutions mean there is a perfect plan for everyone. Our solutions are powered by 4G technology to give you more speed and more data quota. We also give you the most competitive price simply because we want more of you to have broadband.

Get the most for your money

Want better value for your Ringgit?

Our plans give you the best combination of speed and quota at the lowest price. Unlike most other service providers, we don’t charge for our basic modems while a nominal fee can apply if you want to upgrade to a more superior device.

I want my broadband NOW

Not quite but very close to being instant broadband.

This is what you can expect when you subscribe to P1’s 4G broadband. You sign-up, pay your upfront fees and bring your modem home to be plugged-in and played.

Generous with quota

Some need more and some less depending on what you do and how much you do online. Our highest wireless broadband plan comes with unlimited quota.

To give you an idea of how much you can do with 30GB of quota :

  • Web browsing - over 85,000 web pages at an average of 350KB per page
  • Download songs - 6,000 songs at 5MB per song
  • Watching YouTube- 5,000 videos at 360p, averaging 2 minutes per video
  • Watching movies - 40 full-length movies at 750MB per movie

User-friendly full feature modems

P1 modems are designed to maximize your experience and give you convenience. Here’s a list of features:

Great for broadband sharing with family or housemates. As long as their connecting devices are WiFi-enabled; computers, smartphones, ipads, gaming devices etc can all be connected simultaneously.

Fixed portable broadband
Allows you to get connected wherever you go as long as there is P1 coverage. All you need is a power point. And this is fixed broadband and not the smaller on-the-go broadband devices which of course are designed for mobility.

Ready to serve, whenever you need us

To serve you better and faster, we have more channels for you to get support. Here’s the list of channels:

1. P1 Self Care account
Our do-it-yourself online customer support portal is the fastest and easiest way to get help. You can update your personal information, top-up quota, view and pay your bills, and do much more. No waiting time!
2. Submit your queries through our Feedback Form.