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Stay connected on-the-go with our mobile internet plan which gives you uncapped 4G speed and high usage quota up to 15GB, and a FREE MiFi or USB modem.
P1 ToGo® mobile internet plan allow you to stay connected while you on the move. The plan comes with a free MiFi modem which is so compact that you can bring it everywhere and anywhere to create personal hotspot that connects all your WiFi gadgets, or simply share the fast 4G speed with your friends and make them love you even more!

Alternatively, if you primarily only use your laptop to surf the internet and prefer a larger usage quota, opt for the P1 ToGo® 69 plan with an USB modem, which will triple your monthly all-time quota to 15GB at only RM69 a month – this is a whooping 3.75x higher quota at the same price you are paying to other service providers.

Both the MiFi or USB modem comes with lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy your internet without worrying about the maintenance of your broadband modem!

With such high usage quota and free modem, P1 ToGo® is the most affordable and value-for-money mobile internet plan which you must consider.