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What our customers have to say may give you an idea of why we’re the fastest growing wireless broadband provider.
To our subscribers, thank you, thank you, and thank you for speaking out!

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Richard Yap : Posted on 14 Apr 2015
After GST, only P1 able to give such a competitive plan where we get unlimited quota at below RM100. Its so cheap compared to other network company. The line is very stable in my area where I can gaming and streaming video smoothly. I had been switching from one company to another company and I finally decided to stick to P1 which offer a great deal. Will always support P1!!!
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Ah Ly Kopitiam : Posted on 20 Mar 2015
Before i subscribe to P1 service, my coffee shop was facing terrible customer traffic flow. After recommendation from a friend for adding in P1 wifi service, my coffee shop had become some sort like customer's favorite spot. Regulars customers had created and i was able to promote my special brewed coffee to everyone else. Thank you very much P1! It was a best choice choosing you!
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Rarvin Pharasad.N : Posted on 18 Mar 2015
I am very pleased with the level of support provided by P1. Your support staff is knowledgeable, attentive to our needs and very responsive. Your support team helped me every time I called on or emailed you people and their intervention was professional and very timely. I am very happy with the internet speed given as it is companion for daily use of students.
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Zulkifli Bin Mahmud : Posted on 05 Feb 2015
P1 ToGo?? I've heard about it since I’m using mobile Internet few years ago..but never subscribe with any plan of it...slightly lack of confidence with P1....but I'm totally wrong!! Working as a driver I’m always travelling a lot..makes its worthy with P1 ToGo that I've registered a month a new customer, I'm so satisfied! The networks covers all places. Even by orange or red signal, it's still giving me a smooth Internet experience. Plus, if we running out of our data, we can easily top up our data thru P1 Self Care, free hassle for need to find or go anywhere or any place if we’re running out of data..just register with P1 Self Care. There’s so many plan affordable to choose for our needs. Suite yourself with what you wanted to....for me, I’m giving a try with P1 ToGo's a small and cute I could say...the battery could last about 3 or 4 hours continuously, also can be use with few devices at same times...It's the best of it! Last but not least, I wish all the best for P1 subscribers to had enjoyable experience. Congratulations to P1 networking team as their best effort to make customer like myself to had sincerely Internet experience, thanks all....until me meet again, bye!
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Muhamad Faizal Bin Mohd Karin @ Sharin : Posted on 14 Oct 2014
I am registered through online and received feedback from Miss Amy fast. Within 1 week I received the modem. I live in Indera Mahkota 15, Kuantan and P1 is the fastest internet here compared to others. Thanks to P1 for providing my family great service. My wife is starting her online business and I am enjoying unlimited quota internet access for my favorite websites.

Muhamad Faizal Mohd Karin @ Sharin
Executive, Petronas Chemical MTBE
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Nik Izme Afendy Bin Nik Ibrahim : Posted on 14 Oct 2014
Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,
Saya Nik Izme Afendy berasa sangat puas hati dengan servis dari P1 dari dulu hingga kini sebab setiap kali saya berurusan dengan staff baik dalam telefon, melalui email, face to face, sama ada di HQ mahupun cawangan semuanya ceria walaupun mereka baru lepas kena melayan pelanggan yang beraneka ragam, saya juga senang bila nak topup langganan Gigabite saya kekadang tak cukup 20 GB sebulan, setiap kali guna portal online P1, 15 minit sahaja sudah boleh guna yang GB tambahan RM30 sebanyak 2GB free 1GB.

Saya baru sahaja hubungi pegawai P1 untuk bertanya khabar tentang plan saya ni boleh dapat tak yang unlimited, Pegawai Cik Hafiza dalam talian melayan pertanyaan saya dengan profesional walaupun saya tak dapat lihat wajahnya. Saya berpuas hati dan akan kekal dengan P1.

Terima kasih.
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Mohd Rasyid Bin Majid : Posted on 03 Jul 2014
Saya amat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang di berikan. Harga langganan yang murah bersama panggilan percuma adalah faedah yang baik pada pengguna. Kawasan di "Taman Pelangi" Kluang Johor merupakan kawasan yang sukar mendapatkan perkdhimatan internet mudah alih yang stabil dari pembekal internet. Kini P1 selesaikan semua masalah itu. TAHNIAH buat P1.
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Isaac Chong : Posted on 21 Jun 2014
My experience: Plug and play, it is so easy for me. I dont like to setup software/hardware or too many cable things. Simply just connect to power core and connect lan cable or wifi, it very easy. It's an idea broadband to everyone. My P1 modem just like 7/11 never stop running nearly 2 years. no problem at all. Other than that if u moving to a new house or new place simply caring the modem to new house plug and play, u dont need to wait a technician to setup a wifi or modem u dont need a computer too.
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Chin Wee Loon : Posted on 29 May 2014
Kudos to P1 for bringing Wimax to Kuching, Sarawak. Although P1 has no official P1TSTOP centres in Kuching, with only one agent operating in Batu Kawa, P1 has managed to provide high-speed internet connection to the urban areas and downtown Kuching. The signal strength is good and acceptable for a newly expanding company. I hope that P1 can expand its services to include more coverage in Kuching and perhaps to Sibu, Bintulu and Miri as well because these towns are fast expanding with an increasing broadband penetration rate. All the best to P1 !
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Lee Kong Chin : Posted on 25 May 2014
Just want to share my exciting here. Due to my home is a new developed area, many online-telecommunication services are not provided such as TM streamyx and MAXIS broadband. Before that, I was using TM streamyx and homeline services. I was wasting 1 month to wait for TM to do moving and transfering home-line and streamyx from my existing home to the new home. Unfortunately, they told me my area is not built up with tele intra yet. I can accept it but what i mad is they even do not try to make a call to inform their customers and make me pay one more month subscription fee. Phone signal in my home is weak and make me unable to send whatapps even I am using maxis 3G. At last, I have to try my luck to subscribe p1 wimax although my area is out of coverage as shown in the official p1 website about coverage testing. What I surprise is p1 is providing 7 days trial and only have to wait for 2 hours to activate a new user account. This is better and faster services ever! Surprisingly, the modem is able to search signal even it is shown as out of coverage by its website. I am glad to have p1 wimax. Its speed is fast and smooth. I am very satisfied about p1 Wimax :)
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