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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before you pick up the phone or send an email, check out some of the most common questions that have been answered by our most dedicated customer service personnel.
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  • 1. What is P1 4G?
    P1 is one of the pioneers to launch WiMAX services (called P1 4G) on the 2.3 GHz band in the world, and the FIRST in Malaysia, to bring WiMAX to your doorstep!
  • 2. What is unique about P1 4G compared to other WiFi services?
    WiMAX and WiFi are both wireless broadband access technologies. However, both standards are aimed at different applications.
  • 3. Where can I get more information about P1 4G?
    Information about P1 4G is available in this website. Alternatively, please write to us via this online form.
  • 4. Is P1 4G safe to use?
    Absolutely! P1 4G is totally safe to use.
  • 5. Where can I subscribe to P1 4G services?
    You can sign-up for our services at our P1 Authorised Resellers, P1 Paddock and P1 P1TSTOP. Alternatively, you can also write to us via this online form
  • 6. Why should I subscribe to P1 4G services?
    You will be among the 1st WiMAX subscribers in Malaysia as P1 is the first to launch the technology in Malaysia.
    P1 will ensure you get the best support to save you time and money.
    With P1 4G, you will enjoy wireless and high speed Internet access without any messy cables and wires.
    You won’t need to worry about finding a hotspot anymore as P1 4G provides greater coverage than WiFi, blanketing entire areas with P1 4G coverage and services.
    With P1 4G you can enjoy better quality of service, without interruptions. Your Internet experience will be seamless.
  • 7. Who is eligible to subscribe for P1 4G services?
    To subscribe to P1 4G services, you MUST be 18 and above with a valid NRIC if you are a Malaysian. If you are a foreigner, you will need to produce a valid passport.
  • 8. I am a foreigner. Am I still eligible to subscribe to P1 4G services?
    Yes! You are eligible to subscribe to our P1 4G services. An upfront refundable deposit of RM100 will apply.
  • 9. Can I have more than one P1 4G account/subscription?
    Yes. You can have more than one of P1's 4G accounts/subscriptions provided they are different service types.
  • 10. Definition of terms
    Best Effort: Our actual speeds may vary from advertised speeds and are not guaranteed depending on the service location, the devices used, network traffic especially during peak time from 9pm to midnight, and type of data being transmitted. In the event that P1 is unable to provide our customers with the maximum speed, we will provide the fastest speed available.
    Professional Installation: This is an optional service that is rendered by P1 to customers who prefer professional installation service. P1 professional installers will bring the modem and visit the customer's premise for a successful installation. Appointments will be arranged with the customers prior to the installation process. A one-time professional installation charge of RM 80 will apply.
    Paper Bill: By default, P1 provides an online notification of the monthly bills sent to customers email. Customers are able to view bills online through their Self Care. However, if customers prefer hard copy bills via postal mail, this optional service can be purchased. Hard copy bills will be sent to the customers billing address monthly. A charge of RM 5 per month will apply.