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Discontinuation of P1 ToGo® Prepaid

webe digital sdn bhd (Formerly known as Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd) would like to announce the discontinuation of its P1 Prepaid services by 31st March 2015. Existing users of P1 Prepaid service will have an option to convert to any of P1 Postpaid Plans. Below is the FAQ regarding the service discontinuation, for your better understanding.

IF you have any enquiries, please contact us at Customer Enquiries: www.p1.com.my/customercare

Existing P1 Prepaid Customers
  • 1. Why is P1 discontinuing my Prepaid Service?
    The decision to discontinue the P1 Prepaid Service is in view of our aim to further simplify our product offerings to you. This is in line with our aspiration to deliver beltter customer experience to all our existing customers.
  • 2. When will my P1 Prepaid service be terminated?
    All existing customers of P1 Prepaid Service will have their service terminated by 31st March 2015. However customers will be offered the option of converting to our Postpaid Service.
  • 3. Will I receive an official email or notice from P1 regarding the discontinuation of P1 Prepaid service?
    Yes, there will be an official notification letter sent via email. The email will include an introduction of our Postpaid Service, and complete information on how to register/ subscribe to the new service.
  • 4. How do I subscribe to P1 Postpaid Service?
    Our Customer Service team will be in contact with you to arrange for the registration and activation within 1-2 weeks’ time, upon your agreement to subscribe to the P1 Postpaid Service.
  • 5. What happens to my remaining unused quota after 31st March 2015?
    Your remaining unused quota will be void after 31st March 2015.
  • 6. What is the Postpaid package plan being offered by P1?
    We propose you register for any of our ToGo Postpaid plan.
  • 7. Can I still keep the WiMAX modem?
    Yes, you may. All Prepaid modems belongs to you after your first purchase.
  • 8. What happens if I do not want to subscribe to P1 Postpaid service?
    Unfortunately, P1 will no longer offer any Prepaid service. Customers are welcome to subscribe to any of our Postpaid Services.  Alternatively, if you prefer to continue using Prepaid services, you have the option to choose other operator of your choice.
New Enquiries
  • 1. I could not find any Prepaid packages on P1 website, may I know where I can obtain more information on P1 Prepaid packages?
    P1 has discontinued its Prepaid services for new purchase beginning 1st February 2015. If you are interested in subscribing to a P1 service, we recommend you to check out our P1 Postpaid packages.