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OnePlan™ (4G)

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It’s as simple as 3, 2, 1: 3 services, 2 modems, 1 low price.

The OnePlan™ is truly one of the best home 4G plans in Malaysia. With FREE MiFi modem, double quota, FREE phone + call minutes and up to 35GB quota per month, this broadband plan allows you access to the internet - whenever and wherever you need it, whether at home or on-the-go.

Choose from three plans for home 4G from as low as RM109 per month: the OnePlan™ 109, OnePlan™ 129 and the OnePlan™ 169 and explore the different options available to you below.

For superusers, the OnePlan™ Fiber offers a superior connectivity, speeds of up to 20Mbps and a usage quota of 200GB.

With all these goodies thrown in, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal for home and on-the-go users.

  4G Plan
OnePlan™ Plans OnePlan™ 109 OnePlan™ 129 OnePlan™ 169
Download Speed Up To 1Mbps
(Both Home & On-The-Go)
(Both Home & On-The-Go)
(Both Home & On-The-Go)
Activation Fee RM150
(RM100 - Upfront; RM50 - 1st Bill)
Registration Fee RM50 (RM10 x 5 months)
Bundled Modem

DV230 - FREE modem
(while stock last)

DX230 - FREE modem
Bundled Modem

MF230 RM100
MX230 RM150

MF230 RM100 FREE
OR MX230 RM150

MF230 RM100 FREE
MX230 RM150 FREE
Contract Duration12 Months
Usage Quota 4GB 8GB* 10GB 20GB* 15GB 30GB*
Monthly Fee RM109

RM50 Online Rebate

RM50 Online Rebate

RM50 Online Rebate
Contract Duration24 Months
Usage Quota 9GB
Bundled Voice

Desk Phone FREE
DECT Phone RM50 (1st bill)

FREE Call Minutes
(Nationwide & IDD***)

100 minutes
200 minutes
300 minutes
Monthly Fee

RM50 Online Rebate

RM50 Online Rebate

RM50 Online Rebate
*Double Your Quota Promotion: Free additional quota for the 12 months contract. After 12 months contract duration, the promotional double quota returns to the basic plan quota. The 24-month contract enjoys the promotional double quota forever.
** Available for 24-month contract plans. Customer will receive additional monthly quota of 1GB (OnePlan™ 109), 3GB (OnePlan™ 129) or 5GB (OnePlan™ 169) for 24 months. Free extra quota will be credited to the account within 5 days after the monthly billing date in the first 24 months only.
*** Free Call Minutes (IDD) for 24 months: Fixed & Mobile Line: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, USA. Fixed Line Only: Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, UK, Canada
OnePlan™ 4G Terms & Conditions
  1. Activation fee for OnePlan™ is RM150. Upfront payment is RM100 to offset in the 1st bill.
  2. Registration fee; RM10 x 5 months (RM 50) will be bill into the monthly bill accordingly. A foreigner deposit of RM100 will be collected upfront.
  3. Early termination processing fee is RM200. Additional RM100 processing fee applies if termination done within 12 months for the 24 months contract.
  4. The 4G modem and phone that provided by P1 are on FREE rental basis that comes with lifetime warranty. Accessories, such as battery and power adaptor, are warrant for 3 months only. Upon service termination, both 4G modem and phone with complete accessories are required to return to P1.
  5. Free call minutes for the 24 months contract can be used to make call to local fixed and mobile numbers plus 10 popular IDD***. Subsequent calls are 15sens/min (local fixed and mobile call).
  6. HomeVoice® plan will be free with a 24-month contract and monthly subscription fee for HomeVoice® will be waived on the first 24 months. Monthly fee of RM10 (OnePlan™ 109), RM20 (OnePlan™ 129) or RM30 (OnePlan™ 169) for HomeVoice® will be charged on the 25th month onwards.
  7. This promotion is applicable to new registration only for a limited time period and is subject to change without prior notice.

OnePlan™ (Fiber)

P1 offers you the best of both worlds with 4G in the air & Fiber on the ground.
The OnePlan for indoors & outdoors with 2 free modems & a high shared quota*. We get you connected anytime and anywhere! ‘4G in the air, Fiber on the ground’.
  Fiber Plan
OnePlan OnePlan™ 169 OnePlan™ 199 OnePlan™ 269
Speed 5Mbps (Home)
1Mbps (On-The-Go)
10Mbps (Home)
1Mbps (On-The-Go)
20Mbps (Home)
1Mbps (On-The-Go)
Usage Quota 50GB (Home)
100GB (Home)
200GB (Home)
Contract Period - 24months RM169 RM199 RM269

Free cordless DECT Phone
UH235 4G On-The-Go modem
Premise Gateway

Broadband Termination
Unit ***
FREE Call Minutes
(Nationwide & IDD**)
50 minutes monthly 100 minutes monthly 200 minutes monthly
Standard Installation Fee RM 200
What's Next?
OnePlan™ Fiber T & C
  • The 4G modem, Premise Gateway, and Broadband Termination Unit are on rental basis. Warranty is extended throughout the service period.
  • One complimentary DECT phone is included with a 12-month warranty.
  • Penalty charge of the total remaining monthly fee of contract period will be imposed for early termination within 24 months.
  • Speed is on best effort basis.
* Shared quota is not applicable for fiber plan

**Free IDD Minutes are applicable for:
Fixed & Mobile Line: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, USA
Fixed Line Only: Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, UK, Canada

***For customers subscribed to more than one fiber Internet service at the same premise, you may not be given a Broadband Termination Unit as only one is required per premise.
Important Notice
  • Fiber by P1 service is subject to service coverage and port availability in your area.
  • P1 will contact you within 3 working days for installation appointment after registration.
  • Standard installation time is usually less than 4 hours includes up to 85 meters of fiber from the fiber distribution point to your premise, and up to 15 meters of fiber to connect to the wall socket. Additional fiber charge is RM50 for every 5 meters.
  • For landed property, minimal wall drilling might be required for the fiber access into your premise.
  • For high-rise building, the installer will need to access the MDF room with the approval from your building management. If applicable, existing DSL service might be required to terminate prior to the installation.