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Got a question about our calling cards? Before you call our helpline look through our Getting Started guide below first for answers to some commonly asked questions.
How do I purchase Nextel Calling Cards online?
  Icon     Nextel Calling Card
Click Buy Online Now! Select card type and the amount you wish to purchase.
Enter your payment details
The Nextel PIN will be displayed once your transaction is successful.
Use your mobile or fixed line and start making calls with the purchased PIN.
How do i make calls?
  Icon     Fixed Line
For mobile or fixed line, dial toll free 1800-68-2013
Select your language
Enter < PIN NO>follow by< * >
  Icon     SMS
Select SMS service
KEYIN 82* < PIN NO> * < your number>

Register with Nextel and make calls simply through our Miss CallBack
service or just make calls via our Direct Call feature.

How do I make direct calls?
  Icon     Without Registrations
Dial toll-free 1800-68-2013
Select your language
Enter <PIN No > followed by " # "
Enter < DESTINATION NO > followed by " # "
  Icon     With Registrations
Dial toll-free 1 800 68 2013
Select your language
Enter < DESTINATION NO > followed by " # "
To make following call, press < ** >
How do I make call using "MISS CALLBACK"?
Dial toll-free 1 800 68 2208
Your call will be ended immediately
Nextel will call you back
Answer the call and follow the instructions
How do I top-up credit?
  Icon     To top up credit to the existing account (registered line) by SMS
Key in 81* < PIN NO> * < your number> .
Send to +6 013 236 4489 or +6 016 298 2321 .
How do I check my credit balance?
  Icon     To check your balance by SMS
Key in 83* < your number >
Send to +6 013 236 4489 or +6 016 298 2321
  • A PIN is valid for 6 months from the activation date
  • Surcharge will be charged accordingly We reserved the right to change the
  • our rates without prior notice