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ForHome 99
Unlimited Quota1
ENQUIRE NOW RM50 Online Rebate
ForHome 149
Unlimited Quota1
ENQUIRE NOW RM50 Online Rebate
Only RM99 / a month Only RM149 / a month
Up To 1 Mbps Download Speed Up To 2 Mbps Download Speed
DV 230 - FREE modem
(while stock last)
  • Directional Antenna with MIMO for improved performance
  • Standard external 802.11 b/g Wifi USB adaptor
  • LAN ports: 1
  • Phone ports: 1
  • Broadband sharing to multiple computer
  • Phone service ready
DX 230 FREE modem
  • Omni Antenna with MIMO for better signal reliability and user convenience.
  • Built-in 802.11 b/g/n WiFi USB with better range and throughput
  • LAN ports: 2
  • Phone ports: 2
  • Ease of setup optional experience
  • WiFi sharing with wider range and throughput
  • 2 phone services ready
Activation Fee RM100
Registration Fee RM50 (RM10 x 5)
Contract Duration 24-Month
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ForHome™ 99
Unlimited Quota
Plan S 98 Plan 6 GB Plan Advance
Unlimited Quota1 6 GB Quota 6 GB Quota 6 GB Quota
RM99 per month RM98 per month RM99 per month RM98 per month
24-Months Contact
ForHome 99 Unlimited Quota is the best for heavy users.
It gives you REAL UNLIMITED quota for the same price you pay to other service provider.

ForHome Unlimited Quota Terms & Conditions

  1. Unlimited quota for the first 24 months only. Monthly quota will be reverted to original plan quota (20 GB for ForHome 99 Unlimited Quota, 35 GB for ForHome 149 Unlimited Quota) from 25th month onwards.
  2. Activation fee: RM100 (upfront). Registration fee RM50 (RM10 x 5 months). Foreigner deposit: RM100 (upfront).
  3. Modem is on FREE rental basis and warranty is provided throughout service. Accessories such as power adapter and cables are warranted for 3 months only.
  4. All devices & accessories must be returned in good working condition upon service cancellation.
  5. Early termination processing fee is RM200. Additional of RM100 applies if contract is terminated within 12 months.
  6. This promotion is not valid for ToGo® Add‐On and is offered for a limited time only and is subject to change without prior notice.