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Overview ForHome™

Voted as Best Home Broadband for home, P1’s 4G ForHome broadband is a real unlimited broadband which is portable, instant, and fast. Now you can really enjoy your Internet with the unlimited broadband quota!
At P1, we provide the real unlimited Internet broadband that allow you to surf all day long without worrying running out of quota or your broadband being throttled. Now, you wouldn’t miss you favourite online movies, download or stream your favourite songs or series, video calls with someone overseas, or anything you like to do on the Internet!

What’s more? P1 ForHome™ plan also comes with FREE portable WiFi modem for sharing and can be used in more than one indoor location. Simply bring your desktop modem to anywhere within our fast expanding coverage and you will be able to enjoy fast 4G internet connection.

With the REAL UNLIMITED BROADBAND QUOTA, now you REALLY can do more, have more fun, keep playing with no limits.