Priority Broadband
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PR1ORITY BROADBAND is P1's Wireless Internet Leased Line service. Our dedicated leased line gives greater
presence, long-term cost saving benefits and incredible performance and reliability to your business.

We like to call this a partnership, where our aim is the same as your goal – growing your business.
With PR1ORITY BROADBAND, you can count on us for that added competitive edge. After all, that's what being
partners are all about.
Prompt and personal service
Dedicated Account Manager to personally manage all your needs
24/7 toll-free customer support
Optimum connection
Impressive bandwidth of 10Mbps and beyond
Around the clock network monitoring for top-notch performance
Guaranteed uptime with Service Level Agreements (SLA) at 99.6%
Usage of fibre and microwave as backhaul
Fixed address in the cyber world
New business opportunities with e-commerce
Increased security with IP-based surveillance cameras
Lower operational and maintenance costs with remote monitoring, repairing and upgrading
Video conferencing services
Voice communications
Easy and Quick Installation
2 weeks installation period in contrast to the usual 1-2 months wait
Dedicated network
High stability compared to standard shared networks
Speeds up network traffic and eliminates data overloads
No more delays due to congested networks
Speedy access even for a high number of users simultaneously
Bandwidth capacity
PR1ORITY BROADBAND offers a dedicated connection to the Internet with speeds
  ranging from 512Kbps to 45Mbps
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