Get OnePlan™

3 services, 2 modems, 1 low price. Now with FREE MiFi modem + 3GB of additional quota per month!
OnePlan™ OnePlan™ 109 OnePlan™ 129
Download speed up to 1Mbps
(Both Home & On-The-Go)
(Both Home & On-The-Go)
Usage Quota 9GB
(8GB* + 1GB **)
(20GB* + 3GB **)
FREE Call Minutes
(Nationwide & IDD***)
100 minutes 200 minutes
Bundled Voice Device

Desk Phone FREE
Bundled Modem

DV230 - FREE modem
DX230 - FREE modem
Bundled Modem

RM 100

MF230 (FREE)
Activation Fee RM150
(RM100 - Upfront; RM50 1st Bill)
Registration Fee RM50
(RM10 x 5 months)
Monthly Fee – 24 Months Contract
RM50 Online Rebate
RM50 Online Rebate
*Double Your Quota Promotion. The 24-month contract enjoys the promotional double quota forever.
**Customer will receive additional monthly quota of 1GB (OnePlan™ 109), 3GB (OnePlan™ 129) or 5GB (OnePlan™ 169) for 24 months. Free extra quota will be credited to the account within 5 days after the monthly billing date in the first 24 months only.
***Free Call Minutes (IDD) for 24 months: Fixed & Mobile Line: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, USA. Fixed Line Only: Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, UK, Canada
OnePlan™ 4G Terms & Conditions
  1. Activation fee for OnePlan™ is RM150. Upfront payment is RM100 to offset in the 1st bill.
  2. A foreigner deposit of RM100 will be collected upfront.
  3. Free call minutes for the 24 months contract can be used to make call to local fixed and mobile numbers plus 10 popular IDD***. Subsequent calls are 15sens/min (local fixed and mobile call).
  4. Early termination processing fee is RM200. Additional RM100 processing fee applies if termination done within 12 months for the 24 months contract.
  5. The 4G modem and phone that provided by P1 are on free rental basis that comes with lifetime warranty. Accessories, such as battery, and power adaptor, are warrant for 3 months only. Upon service termination, both 4G modem and phone with complete accessories are required to return to P1.
  6. This promotion is offered for a limited time only and is subject to change without prior notice.
  7. Click here, P1 4G Terms & Conditions for the latest version.