BizVoice® Trunk

Control your high communications spend. Make your phone system work smarter.

Voice over broadband has come a long way technologically to provide on par if not better quality voice compared with analog. It is fast becoming the mainstream choice with businesses looking to significantly minimize phone bill charges. It is easier than thought to make the transition from legacy PABX to an IP-enabled system. If your business is game for superior call quality at significantly lower costs by up to 40% -- P1 takes care of everything from infrastructure planning to integration so that your business can start enjoying the benefits.

BizVoice® Trunk is a one stop voice solution that can be customized to meet your business needs. Great for contact centers as well as large enterprises with high call volume.

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How BizVoice® Trunk Works

P1 BizVoice® Trunk eliminates the need for expensive local connections to PSTN such as PRI lines by connecting to the IP PBX direct to the Internet. This allows you to combine calls, transfer data and video on the same network, provided your broadband capacity is sufficiently available.