BizVoice® Basic

Decidedly simple. Go from analog to digital, with better voice quality at lower cost.

Cutting down phone bills has always been a key challenge for all businesses. Now, with P1 BizVoice® Basic, you can leverage on your broadband to enjoy greater savings with lower call rates and no line rentals. You can easily save up to 40% on calling costs by using BizVoice® Basic.

BizVoice® Basic is designed with simplicity in mind. The service is compatible with most IP-PBX models, and ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) will be provided for integration with traditional telephony system without additional investments or change to user experience.


How BizVoice® Basic Works

P1 BizVoice®Basic is a voice service that allows voice to be transmitted over a broadband connection. The simplicity of BizVoice® Basic allows easy setup with low entry entry barrier for organizations wanting to scale their communication without changing the fundamental user experience.