The signs, in this case the numbers, are clear – 2012 saw online sales across the globe grow some 21.1% year-on-year to top USD1 trillion. In Malaysia,65% out of 310 Internet users are already shopping online.

These strong numbers are due to the ease of mobile shopping and the increased efforts by retailers to set up and deliver a consistent online shopping experience for their customers.

Exclusive online retailers such as Lazada or group discount site Grouponare mushrooming in numbers, all the more so because online businessesare easier and cheaper to set up without the high cost of having a physical retail presence.

Still using voice service over analog lineinstead of voice over the Internet?
Voice over analog line
Multiple physical lines
Extending capacity involves additional infrastructure
Additional installations may takeseveral weeks with fees involved
Monthly line rental charges apply
6% government tax
Voice over the Internet
Singular IP connection
Flexible and easily expandable
Fast and easy to deploy
Zero line rental
No tax
Before you set up your e-commerce site:
Start small:
Sell your goods on existing sites like eBay, Mudah or Lelong to get some practice.
Do your research:
Visit e-commerce websites in your industry or find inspiration from other online stores that you like to plan and build your own perfect site.

“I heard on TV that everyone is getting rich on the Internet. Is this little slot wherethe money comes out?”


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