Today’s technology trends afford employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. This is the new workplace, where meetings, reporting, and collaboration activities can very much take place without your employees having to be physically present at the workplace and still deliver the results.

This is especially apparent where the nature of business requires a sizable mobile workforce, whether it is in sales, business development, consulting, or project management to name a few.
P1 BizVoice™ SIP is a high quality next gen voice over IP product. It is an advanced multimedia handling technology for voice, video, instant messaging and presence over the Internet.
Why it’s better than legacy voice:
No phone company charges
No expensive voice gateways
Fast and easy to deploy
Easy and affordable to scale up or down
Enables efficient network management with no separate voice and data circuits
Removes intra-company long-distance or separate location call charges like dialing an extension
When choosing an IP telephony service,a business should consider:
Clarity – the quality of the voice sound to the listener.
Delay – the time it takes the voice signal to travel from the caller to the person called.
Echo – the sound of the speaker's voice returning via the same phone.
Service Provider’s competency to provide a solution that fits your business needs best.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”
Arthur C. Nielsen


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