There’s magic in big data. Google uses big data to plot flu trends to estimate flu activity in 28 countries. uses big data to recommend products you might like based on your purchase history. An electronics retailer can compare its web traffic to point-of-sale data to find a correlation between online and in-store purchasing habits.

ompanies are uncovering new sales opportunities, providing better customer service, improving product design, finding more efficient ways to manage inventory and implementing a host of other business improvement strategies by making use of the intelligence provided by big data technology.
Just how reliable is the P1 BizPriority™ wireless leased-line broadband?
99.7% guaranteed uptime SLA
(Service Level Agreement)
Round-the-clock network monitoring
24-7 technical support with
30 minutes response time
Take a look at what motivates 2,600 hiring professionals and 4,000 employees (according to a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder). It’s not all about the money.
55% aren’t impressed by a fancy title.
88% feel that salary matters more than a title.
59% value a flexible schedule more than a title.
48% would prefer to make a difference in their jobs.
35% would rather have challenging work.
18% value academic reimbursement more than a title.
17% would prefer to have their own offices.
“Business opportunities are like buses,
there’s always another one coming.”
Richard Branson