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P1 ForBiz® 4G is the most affordable broadband and voice service for small businesses, packed with great value - unlimited quota, free call minutes, and even a WiFi-enabled modem for broadband sharing.

With ForBiz® 4G, you get the additional benefits of enjoying fast connection instantaneously, and the freedom to use your broadband service at more than one indoor location within the P1 nationwide network. As the service is powered by advanced wireless 4G technology, it is also perfect for those who do not want their rented office space to be hacked for wiring or do not appreciate the longer wait time for installation of wire-line services. We change the business game, with nearly immediate service activation from the time of registration. Simply plug and play without complex set up.

The WiFi modem also enables broadband sharing and comes with voice service that gives you up to 600 free call minutes per month, and the low call rates of 16sen/min(inclusive of 6% GST) after all the free minutes are depleted for the month.

With broadband, WiFi, and voice in one essential plan starting from only RM104.94(inclusive of 6% GST) per month, P1’s ForBiz® 4G plan is definitely the best value-for-money service that you must have to win in your business! We are giving away one month free subscription for a limited time.